Speed Up Orthodontics With Propel

Our Sacramento dentists use Propel to speed up orthodontic treatment.

The orthodontics of the future!” — Dr. Jay Adlersberg

If you are considering braces or other forms of orthodontics, like Invisalign, you probably agree with one patient who said, “The sooner I can get the braces off, the better!” The Sacramento Dentistry Group understands that desire and now dental science has found a solution! A new orthodontic treatment, called Propel, can reduce the time required to wear orthodontics by more than half! A treatment to improve your bite and smile that usually takes a year can now be performed in six months!

Using Propel

Orthodontic x-rays determine the depth and width of the bone between your teeth. These areas of the jaw are selected for a series of small holes, called microosteoperforations. After feeling the bone beneath your gums to confirm the information from the x-rays, our Sacramento dentist administers a local anesthetic to prevent pain. Then the Propel device makes tiny, pre-measured, shallow holes through your gum into the bone. On either side of every tooth intended for orthodontic treatment, our dentist makes one to three holes, based on the amount of separation between the teeth. Bleeding is minor and stops quickly, before you leave the office.

What Propel Does

Propel accelerates your orthodontic treatment by:

  1. Making the bone more pliable on each side of the tooth, so it’s easier for the tooth to move into the right position with the orthodontics.
  2. Increasing blood flow and stimulating bone regrowth, quickly restoring jawbone strength as the teeth follow the pull of the orthodontics.

Treatment is performed once or multiple times every six to eight weeks. One of the dentists who has thoroughly studied the Propel treatment, Dr. Cristina Teixeira of New York University, says this about Propel: “By using this method we are amplifying the patient’s response to orthodontic forces….We could reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment more than 60% with this minor procedure.”

Who Can Use Propel?

If you receive orthodontic treatment, you can use Propel. The microperforation procedure works with any type of orthodontics. Patients with Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, ordinary braces and any other kind of orthodontics can speed up treatment with Propel.

Request Propel

Any patient of the Sacramento Dentistry Group can request Propel. If you have received orthodontic treatment elsewhere, feel free to contact us for information about Propel. Your specific system of orthodontics does not change the potential to use Propel. Save time, reduce visits, and get those braces off “sooner instead of later”! Call our Sacramento dentists at 916-538-6900, visit downtown Sacramento office at 1105 E Street or use our website to make an appointment for a Propel consultation!

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    Posted at 16:43h, 08 January Reply

    If a patient uses Propel along with the Invisalign or Six Month Smiles does it make it more permanent?

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