Our Practice

Our practice is based upon three key tenets:

  • High Standards
  • Education
  • Creating a Positive Environment

High Standards

Standards of care vary around the world. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care in the most comfortable way possible. By staying up to date with the ever-changing field of dentistry and by using the latest techniques and technologies, we are able to deliver you the highest standard of dental care.


In addition to being clinicians, we are educators. We have spent many years learning the science and art of dentistry and are passionate about it. We want to involve you in the process of your health care and help you to make the best decisions. We do this by teaching you about your treatment options and setting aside time for you and the dentist to discuss all of your questions.

A Positive Environment

We strive to create a positive environment every hour of every day. We do this for our clients, families, our friends, neighbors, and ourselves. We bring our best to work and we work our best. Everyday.

These are the keys to being the finest in Sacramento dentistry.