Anthem BlueCross Dental Insurance

Anthem BlueCross (there is no space between “Blue” and “Cross”) offers three different types of dental insurance, with different levels of coverage within each type. The Sacramento Dentistry Group particpates with the Anthem network, so you receive better pricing when you bring your insurance to us, compared to non-network dentists. They offer many different dental packages, giving you many options with multiple levels of monthly costs. They also offer dental insurance to individuals, a decided benefit for the self-employed. Here are the basic facts about their different levels of coverage.

Dental Prime offers:

  • Three coverage levels, from basic to comprehensive, each at different price points.
  • Choose any Sacramento dentist.
  • Receive free preventative services under all levels of coverage.

The other two types of insurance are an HMO Plan or a PPO Plan.

Under the HMO Dental Insurance Plan:

  • No copayments for many types of coverage, from preventive to fillings.
  • No annual maximums for services provided.
  • Fixed copays for orthdontic treatments.
  • Your dentist is selected for you from the Dental Blue network.

Under the Dental Blue PPO Dental Insurance Plan:

  • Choose from two different coverage levels, Basic and Enhanced.
  • Go to the dentist of your choice.
  • Automatic coverage for many types of services.

Anthem BlueCross also allows you to combine your dental plan with other health care offerings.