Guardian Dental Insurance

The Sacramento Dentistry Group accepts all of the Guardian dental insurance plans offered in California, except the HMO plan. Coverage varies by employer, but Guardian PPO plan members may expect to receive these valuable benefits:

In-Network Discount

PPO plans give members the freedom to choose their own dentist. The Sacramento Dentistry Group is a member of the Guardian network, so our patients with Guardian receive the in-network cost benefits.

Maximum Rollover

If you are covered for your dental needs through Guardian, you don’t need to worry about losing your unused benefits. With maximum rollover, a certain amount of the unused benefits from one year are applied to the next year with no penalties. It’s possible to score a higher rollover amount by using an in-network dentist, like the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

If you have questions about your Guardian dental insurance coverage or would like to know more about what the Sacramento Dentistry Group provides or how we can assist you, please contact us at (916) 538-6900, through our on-line form or visit us at 1105 E Street in downtown Sacramento.