UnitedHealthcare Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance With an Advantage for Large Families

UnitedHealthcare (yes, there’s no space between “United” and “Healthcare”) offers multiple levels of dental insurance that basically operate as PPO plans. Our Sacramento dentists are available to you with the higher quality, patient choice Premier plans. If you leave Northern California, you may choose from their national network of over 210,000 dental providers.

The Large Family Benefit

UnitedHealthcare is especially beneficial for large families due to how they apply individual deductibles. For each person in a family, a $50 deductible is paid for any dental services beyond typical preventive care (“preventive care” being dental cleanings). Once you pay $150 in deductibles, however, you no longer have no more deductibles applied to your family that year. So if you have four or more family members and you all require dental treatment, your deductible costs will be reduced compared to other insurance programs.

The Premier Insurance Plan

The levels of coverage provided by UnitedHealthcare include the different Premier insurance plans. If you have Premier coverage and want to use an out-of-network dentist, UnitedHealthcare pays your “reasonable” dental expenses, up to $1000 per person annually. You can use the Premier plan with the Sacramento Dentistry Group.