Sacramento Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic DentistryThe process of cosmetic dentistry undoes the damage of the years or genetics that lead to stains, chips, and distracting marks on your smile. With years of experience, our Sacramento dentists comprehend the many different varieties of cosmetic difficulties in teeth and they have a solution for each one. Here we explain how the Sacramento Dentistry Group whitens teeth, perfects them with carefully applied veneers or employs a number of other procedures to make your smile dazzling. A summary of each therapy follows with links to pages providing greater detail:


Veneers come from a number of dental labs and manufacturers. An appliance that is actually secured to the front of the teeth to cover blemishes, veneers are strong and enduring. Certain materials require almost no preparation of the existing teeth.

Tooth Whitening

Teeth eventually grow darker over the years from the typical chemicals in coffee, tea, wine and many foods that we enjoy eating. Over-the-counter tooth whitening products are mostly ineffective, especially compared to in-office whitening products. Professional tooth whitening procedures are the best path to shiny teeth, guaranteed.

Snap on Smile

Snap on Smile is the trouble-free method of getting a better smile fast! With Snap on Smile, your existing teeth are not altered in any way. You are simply measured for a dental appliance that covers your dental imperfections. While this product does not work for everyone, those that have it enjoy the ease of creation and use.

For more information on these and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, please visit the additional pages presented in this part of our website.