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Reg. $1,795 | Save $300!

  • Affordable
  • Non-invasive
  • Completely reversible
  • Cosmetic removable arch
  • Painlessly gives you a beautiful smile

Expires 8/31/2019
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The Short and Simple Snap on Smile Procedure

A quick visit to the office of the Sacramento Dentistry Group can determine if you are a candidate for Snap on Smile. This cosmetic and clinical dental appliance is suitable for many patients who require:

  • improvements to the smile, such as covering gapped, crooked, cracked, missing or stained teeth,
  • an alternative to implants or bridgework,
  • a more comfortable solution than a partial denture,
  • a perfect smile in no more than three weeks.

If your exam determines that you qualify to use Snap on Smile, a dentist takes an impression of your teeth so your Snap on Smile will be a perfect fit for your mouth. You decide on the shade and style of your new look. In two to three weeks, your appliance arrives and your Sacramento dentist brings you back to make certain you have a perfect fit. Snap on Smile — truly fast, truly simple!

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