An alternative to traditional porcelain veneersLumineers are micro-thin appliances made with patented Cerinate porcelain. They provide excellent results: white, uniform teeth and an outstanding smile. Since they are so thin, as narrow as a contact lens, your teeth will require little or no shaping before Lumineers are installed.

Like traditional veneers, Lumineers installed by the Sacramento Dentistry Group are a useful treatment for the following situations:

  • Lots of smiling faces have resulted from the Sacramento Dentistry Group applying Lumineers and other thin veneer products.Cracked or chipped teeth
  • As an alternative to braces
  • Renewing older dental restorations
  • Covering gaps between teeth
  • Permanent whitening of your smile
  • Modifying misshapen or crooked teeth.

Durable and long-lasting, Lumineers have a life-span similar to regular veneers — or longer — depending on your dental habits. Installing them is much easier, requiring little or no anesthesia. Also, unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers can be removed in the future, since little shaping is needed to apply them.

While the advanced dental technology of Lumineers is more expensive than traditional veneers, many of our dental patients are extremely pleased with the simplicity of the procedure and the life-changing results to their smile!

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