Porcelain Veneers

Why We Provide Porcelain Veneers

Veneers can accomplish many esthetic and dental health functions. Much simpler than crowns, veneers cover the front of your teeth with an elegant, yet tough, porcelain shell. They are ideal for repairing the following dental problems:

  • Chipped or fractured teeth;
  • Gaps between teeth;
  • Twisted teeth;
  • Misshapen teeth;
  • Worn teeth;
  • Heavily stained teeth.

Veneers provide the attractiveness of crowns with less expense and modification of the teeth. Since altering the teeth is required with traditional veneers, deciding to install them is a permanent decision. A durable appliance, veneers will last a very long time before needing repair or replacement.

How We Install Veneers

Improving your smile with veneers will require at least two visits to the Sacramento dental offices of the Sacramento Dentistry Group. During your first visit, one of our Sacramento dentists will examine your teeth and reshape their surface to make space for the veneers. We then take a highly accurate mold of the teeth involved. You also choose the style and color of veneers that you want to receive from the dental laboratory. They can match your existing teeth or provide a bright look more to your liking.

During your second visit, the veneers are installed using special dental cement. The entire procedure is very straightforward and requires little anesthetic. Our Sacramento dental office will have recommendations regarding your diet, as common beverages may stain some veneers. Naturally, maintaining a regular regimen of daily dental hygiene will also ensure the long-lasting benefits to your smile provided by veneers.

Additional Options in Veneers

An additional option for porcelain veneers is the advanced material lithium disilicate. This ceramic has a special composition that, much like Lumineers, allows for very thin, yet very durable veneers that are also highly compatible with your existing teeth. Like Lumineers, very little shaping of your teeth, if any, is required to apply them to your smile. Feel free to speak with the dentists of the Sacramento Dentistry Group to discuss all of your veneer options.

Pricing for veneers starts at $900.

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