Gum Disease

Every year, gum disease destroys perfectly healthy teeth. Also known as periodontal disease, this attack on the gums by oral bacteria is extremely preventable. In addition to personal oral hygiene, patients need to regularly visit their Sacramento dentist at the Sacramento Dentistry Group for convenient and comfortable dental care to avoid gum disease.

Side Effects of Gum Disease

If the gums have started to recede because of periodontitis, the following are potential consequences:

  • Halitosis, commonly experienced as bad breath, from plaque and bacteria deposits
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bone loss in the jaws
  • Loss of teeth as gums recede
  • Higher risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke
  • Potential complications for diabetics
  • Potential complications for pregnant women.

Gum disease should be cured immediately with the latest techniques in cleaning and medication. Read this section for more information on how the Sacramento Dentistry Group treats periodontal problems.

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