How to Use Perio Protect

Trays are going to change the face of dentistry.” ā€” Bruce Cochrane, Periodontist

Much like a customized nightguard or teeth whitening tray, Perio Protect uses a mold of your teeth to create dental trays just for you. Every day, for only a few minutes each day, you add medicine prescribed by your dentist to the trays and then place them in your mouth. The fit is so perfect that you can go about your regular routine until the required amount of application time is up. People watch TV, do chores, read or exercise while they wait for the time period to elapse. Afterwards, simply remove and clean the trays while enjoying the benefits of improved dental health!

Perio Protect from the Sacramento Dentistry Group can be done during other activities, so it does not cost a lot of extra time.

You can use Perio Protect while doing ordinary chores!

For more information about how Perio Protect can help treat your nagging problems with gum disease, bad breath and excessive tartar or plaque, request a visit with the dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group today!
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