Why Use Perio Protect?

Half of American adults have periodontal disease.” — Centers for Disease Control

The statistics regarding periodontitis, commonly called gum disease, speak for themselves. While half of the United States suffers from periodontal disease, it is far more common in specific populations and some sources declare the rate of gum disease is much higher. At the Sacramento Dentistry Group, we deal with periodontitis and gingivitis every single day. Perio Protect exists because dentists saw the need to address this threat to public health, as periodontal disease has potential links to cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and complications during pregnancy. The dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group have embraced the Perio Protect technology and believe it carries significant benefits for our patients suffering from gum disease.

Perio Protect works because it addresses a basic fact of human physiology. We can add medications to your gums to destroy biofilm and bacteria, both in the dental office and at home. The gum pockets, however, are continually flushed clean by “crevicular flow,” a fluid produced by the gums that only increases when bacteria, plaque and tartar intrude underneath them. While crevicular flow cannot get rid of gum disease, it does flush away the very medications we apply to stop it.

Enter the Perio Protect treatment system. The design and shape of the perio tray applies medication to your gum pockets and then keeps it there against the tide of crevicular flow. The result is a reduction in bacterial growths, bacteria and the size of your gum pockets. This means less treatment is necessary in the dental office and your dental health is considerably improved.

A description of the three step Perio Protect process.

Perio Protect — painless, simple and effective, it is swiftly becoming the favored treatment for gum disease across the United States. If you have lingering gum problems that have resisted traditional dental treatment, please visit the Sacramento Dentistry Group for a consultation today!
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