Gum Disease Treatment

The Sacramento Dentistry Group provides gum disease treatment.

Gum disease can be treated painlessly at the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

If you are in the earliest stage, gingivitis, a higher frequency of ordinary dental cleanings may be sufficient. By removing tartar before it has a chance to work deep beneath the gums, and through vigilant home care, the gaps between gum and tooth can be lessened by the dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

Periodontitis requires deeper cleaning to get at plaque and tartar that has lodged itself further beneath the gums than normal. With anesthetic this procedure will seem like a typical cleaning. Called dental scaling, this deep removal of tartar is aimed at preventing further bone loss and degradation of the root by removing the deep plaque created by bacteria. This treatment may be followed-up by the use of Perio Protect, a dental appliance that works much like a tooth whitening tray to administer medication to your gum pockets.

In severe cases of gum disease, laser surgery or oral surgery may be necessary to eliminate large pockets around the teeth and roots created by the bacterial infection. In addition, the Sacramento Dentistry Group also offers the pinhole surgical technique (PST) for repairing gum recession caused by gum disease, aging and other factors. More information is provided on our PST page in this section.

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