Onlay Grafts

Onlay grafts may be required to install dental implants.

Onlay Grafts for Dental Implants

Jaws without teeth tend to deteriorate. Bones subject to periodontal disease can do the same. The result is a jawbone ridge without sufficient mass to support dental implants. In these situations, the best type of graft is an onlay graft, with material taken from the patient’s own body.

We choose from three sites for onlay graft material: your chin, ramus (the back of the jaw) or hipbones. A fairly simple procedure takes small amounts of bone from these areas and transfers it to your jaw, usually to be temporarily held in place with bone screws. After the graft has healed and fused with your jaw, implants can be installed.

While the procedure sounds complicated, the benefits of implants cannot be overstated. Repairing bone loss with grafting and placing implants in the resulting bone tissue improves your appearance, your speech and your ability to eat and do all the things you used to do with a full set of teeth. Patients almost universally agree that the final result is worth the time and effort.

The Sacramento Dentistry Group does its best to provide you with a relatively pain-free, comfortable experience during all of our dental procedures, including bone grafts. If a bone graft is necessary, but sounds intimidating, why not consider the benefits of sleep dentistry in connection with this procedure? The dentists of the Sacramento Dentistry Group do their utmost to answer your questions, handle your concerns and give you the best appearance and dental health possible.

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