Laser Treatments

Laser Treatment for Oral Lesions

Many people suffer from oral lesions. Medications to treat these sores and outbreaks are generally inconvenient, slow-acting and sometimes quite expensive and inefficient. While the sores go away on their own after ten to fourteen days, laser treatments for oral lesions eliminate the pain caused by these sores immediately and cause them to completely disappear in only two to five days. If caught by our Sacramento dentists before they erupt, laser treatment can even prevent cold sores and lesions from ever appearing!

Benefits of Laser Treatment

  • Fast Acting – results are immediate and cure lesions completely in two to five days.
  • Economical – Less costly than long treatments with expensive medications.
  • Effective – Laser therapy extends the time between return of oral lesions.
  • Quick – One short visit to the Sacramento Dentistry Group is enough to provide relief.

The Laser Treatment Process

Most people associate lasers with their ability to burn or cut materials using powerfully concentrated light. For oral lesion treatment, very low levels of laser light are used. The laser may feel warm, but your skin or lips will never feel like they are burning during treatment. We can guarantee that the sore is painful, but laser treatment is not!

Treatment takes only a matter of minutes for each lesion. As a result, your visit to the dentist for laser treatment takes very little time. Plus, laser treatment is extremely effective. The majority of patients leave the dental chair feeling much improved or even pain free! Finally, laser treatment is economical, costing much less than repeated doses of anti-viral drugs or steroids.

In the case of viral eruptions, laser treatment is believed to directly destroy the viruses causing the sores. This ends the immediate infection of the skin or soft tissues, leaving only the dormant virus behind. Unfortunately, no treatment exists for eradicating the virus in remission, as it resides in the nervous tissues. Early studies indicate that periods of remission are longer after laser treatment than with other methods, improving the patient’s situation considerably!

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