Oral Lesions

What Causes Oral Lesions and Canker Sores?

The two most common afflictions in the oral area involving tissue swelling, pain and eruptions are oral lesions and canker sores. Low level laser light treatment can cure both of these issues for patients of our Sacramento dentists. Here we discuss the causes of these painful sores.

What Causes Canker Sores?

For certain patients, their sores are aphthous ulcers. This is the true name for the common “canker sore.” For some people, these ulcers unfortunately return time and again, leading to a diagnosis of Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers or RAU. Although the exact cause is unknown, many people connect the sores with stress, a deficiency in certain vitamins or minerals (such as iron, folic acid or B12), too much citrus in the diet, or immune system disorders. RAU and canker sores commonly attack the inside of the mouth or the lips. If you suffer from RAU, our dentists can stop the sores before they start if you visit our Sacramento dental office at the first indication of an eruption.

What Causes Oral Lesions?

Oral Lesions can be cured by our Sacramento dentists.

These lesions can be treated with laser therapy, reducing the length and discomfort of the outbreak.

In addition to aphthous ulcers, there are also oral lesions caused by infections. These equally annoying and unsightly afflictions have various causes, but the most common source is the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). This virus comes in two forms: HSV-1 and HSV-2. Scientists estimate that 85% of the world’s population is infected with HSV-1, as it is commonly passed from parent to child through ordinary contact or sharing utensils and food. HSV-2 is the sexually transmitted form of the herpes virus. Both types cause recurrent lesions and sores and are never completely eradicated from the body.

How HSV Affects Your Body

Once infected with either form of the virus, skin lesions usually result shortly thereafter. When the initial outbreak is over, the virus migrates to the nerve cells. There it usually remains, dormant and relatively harmless. Over time, however, various triggers can cause a return of HSV to the skin cells, resulting in lesions. Known factors relating to reoccurrences are:

  • Surgery,
  • Fever or other illness,
  • Excessive stress,
  • Menstruation,
  • Immune system disorders,
  • Excessive sunlight.

Obviously, avoiding these situations is ideal, but far from possible. With oral laser treatment readily available, however, many people are able to predict potential outbreaks and prevent eruptions before they occur! For a consultation on how you can prepare to stop an eruption before it starts, contact us at 916-538-6900 or make an appointment with us via our website.
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