Oral Biopsy

Seeing a dentist regularly is not just good for your teeth — it’s also good for your overall health. Your semi-annual check-ups include a visual inspection of your gums, tongue and inner cheeks. During these visits, your Sacramento dentist or hygienist may see spots or lesions you may have not noticed at home, especially along the upper jaw. This is often your first defense in finding a problem early, when it is more likely to be treated successfully.

The Oral Biopsy Process

The only way to know for a certainty if a growth, discoloration or lesion in your mouth is something serious is to do a biopsy. The professional staff at the Sacramental Dental Group is fully equipped to perform biopsies on your oral tissues in the comfortable setting of our downtown Sacramento office. While the process is important, it is nothing to fear. Indeed, it is essential to take these simple steps as soon as possible after detecting an oral lesion:

  • A small amount of tissue is removed, either with a brush (oral brush biopsy) or by removing the entire lesion (excisional biopsy).
  • The tissue is sent to a lab to be analyzed. The presence of any abnormal cells is determined by a pathologist.
  • Further treatment, if necessary, is discussed with your dentist or other medical professional.

Early Detection and Identification is Important

Early detection of treatable growths, cysts, lesions and oral cancers is part of your regular and routine dental visit. Please don’t put off your visits because you think they are “only for cleaning” (which is important in its own right). Instead, view your six month visits to the Sacramento Dentistry Group as an “extra set of eyes for your mouth.” If you ever notice something that doesn’t seem right inside your mouth or along your jaw, contact our office right away and have us take a look at it. Together we can give your mouth the team it needs to stay healthy and worry free.
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