Information About Braces

Commonly known as “braces,” orthodontics have benefited greatly from improvements in dental technology. The brackets used in braces can now be clear or tooth colored. For some procedures, our dentists can mount the brackets behind the teeth, instead of in front. Some patients may not even need to use traditional orthodontics, but can take advantage of a new clear orthodontic system – Invisalign! This information will help you consider all of your options with the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

Why Use Orthodontics?

Improperly aligned teeth suffer from malocclusion. This physical condition results from missing teeth, crowded teeth, a misaligned jaw or even extra teeth! Often, these problems lead to abnormal wear on the tooth enamel. The end result can be regular pain, discomfort and embarrassment. Modern techniques and materials have significantly reduced the amount of time required for orthodontic treatment, making orthodontics effective for both children and adults.

How Do Orthodontics Work?

Steady pressure on the teeth, and thus the jaw, is created by orthodontic “appliances.” This pressure reshapes the location of the teeth in the jawbone. The process is easiest for young people, since their jaws are still growing. Nevertheless, it is still effective for adults. In some cases, orthodontics do not even need to be attached to the teeth, as with Invisalign. Traditional braces are also available in designer colors, school colors, gold-plated – even glow-in-the-dark!

Speeding Up Braces

A common patient complaint about braces is the amount of time required for treatment. One year, eighteen months or more is common, based on the specific dental problem undergoing repair. If the time factor concerns you, the Sacramento Dentistry Group offers a solution. The latest technique in orthodontic acceleration is Propel. Minor perforations made into the bone encourage the jaw to rapidly make changes. Propel usually cuts treatment time in half! Our dentists can perform this procedure for new orthodontic patients or with clients who already have braces in place.

Post-orthodontic Treatment

To encourage the teeth to remain properly set in their new alignment, it is necessary to wear a retainer for a period established through consultation with our dentists. These are much less obtrusive than the retainers of the past and can often be made nearly invisible for the patient.

The benefits of modern dentistry can give you a healthy lifetime smile. An investment in orthodontics now is one step toward a better dental future.

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