Health Benefits

A common statement from patients is: “Why should I bother to straighten my teeth? I can chew just fine the way they are.” Properly aligning teeth through orthodontics, either by means of traditional “braces” or the more modern Invisalign system, has many potential health and cosmetic benefits. When teeth are improperly aligned, or maloccluded, gum disease, abnormal tooth wear and even eventual tooth loss are all possible negative outcomes.

Red or swollen gums are a sign of bacterial infection. Gum infections generally lead to gum loss, bone loss and, worst of all, tooth loss. Besides pain and bad breath, oral infection has also been found – in studies from the American Dental Association – to increase your risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia! Properly aligned teeth allow the gums to fit securely around them – a primary defense against bacterial infection!

Besides the health benefits, the cosmetic benefits of straighter teeth are also considerable. With a quality smile, patients tend to be more confident and have greater self-esteem. Being happy with your healthier body is a major benefit of orthodontics.

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