How Invisalign Works

Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that are easily inserted into and removed from your mouth.

Most of our Sacramento Dentistry patients are aware of how braces straighten your teeth. Basically, a series of brackets and wires, attached to the teeth, produce tension that gradually pulls teeth into their proper position. This approach to orthodontics was developed in the 1800s and is certainly a tested procedure, but it is far from modern.

Invisalign brings orthodontics into the 21st century! There are no brackets attached to your teeth and no wires to tighten that inevitably poke and prod your cheek, lips, tongue and gums. Instead, a series of clear plastic “trays” or aligners are developed for your specific needs based on a plan formulated by our dentists using the successful methods established by Invisalign. These smooth, removable trays cover your teeth and are worn throughout the day, but you can remove them to eat and clean your teeth. They require minimal care, as approximately every two weeks, you start using a new one to continue your treatment. Each tray gradually pulls your teeth into better alignment, providing you with orthodontic treatment that your barely see or feel. Visit our Common Treatments page for more information on conditions the Sacramento Dentistry Group can treat using Invisalign!

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