Convenience of Invisalign

Why is Invisalign Easy to Use?

Some of our Sacramento dental clients put off straightening their teeth because they are afraid of experiencing pain and inconvenience. Despite the health and cosmetic advantages to having an improved set of teeth, the disadvantages were outweighing the benefits. All of that changes with Invisalign!

Invisalign is extremely convenient. If you have ever worn a mouthguard for sports, you already realize how easily an Invisalign tray slips onto your teeth. Even better, Invisalign’s professionally made aligners are custom-fit so you don’t “sound funny” when you speak. What’s more, their clear composition makes them practically “invisible.”

Invisalign is Removable!

Do you have a special occasion where you don’t want to wear an orthodontic appliance? With Invisalign, that’s no problem! Invisalign can be removed for short periods without compromising your treatment plan. So in addition to events, patients regularly remove Invisalign for eating and cleaning their teeth. Cleaning your braces properly can take up to thirty minutes per session – with Invisalign, cleaning your teeth is as easy as it ever was!

Invisalign is More Comfortable than Other Orthodontics

Finally, making adjustments to your teeth and jaws with orthodontics may always result in some discomfort as the mouth reshapes itself. With Invisalign, however, that discomfort is minimized. The aligners are smooth and fit specifically for each patient’s individual mouth. There is never any risk to your soft and sensitive tissues from snapping wires or rubbing brackets. Plus, you won’t need to visit our Sacramento dentists to tighten your orthodontics. One visit every four to six weeks to check your progress and receive your new aligners is all that’s required.

Propel Bar Chart demonstrating how orthodontic treatment times can be cut in half by our Sacramento dentists.

Propel significantly reduces the time required for Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign is Often Faster

While all orthodontic conditions are unique to the patient, in most cases Invisalign treatment takes less time than traditional orthodontics, as the accompanying chart demonstrates. Combine your Invisalign treatment with the Propel process for speeding up orthodontics and you can nearly cut the time you need to wear aligners in half! With these new advantages, many of the complaints about orthodontics and straightening teeth are solved.

That’s why our Sacramento dentists believe that when you see your new smile at the end of an Invisalign procedure you will simply say: “That was easy!”

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