Cost of Invisalign

Invisalign Promotion Pricing
  • Pay Monthly
    • $99/mo (If paying half down)
    • $199/mo ($0 down)
  • Pay in Full
    • 1-5 Aligners: $1,395
    • 6-10 Aligners: $3,995
    • 11-20 Aligners: $6,495

Get Started

The cost for Invisalign depends upon the length of time necessary to complete your treatment. Since you receive a new aligner tray to continue your adjustment about once every two weeks, the more complex your condition, the more trays you will need. The final cost will be determined by the Sacramento Dentistry Group before you start your Invisalign program. The range for full Invisalign treatment starts at $3000. If you do not require the full treatment to solve your problem, your costs may be significantly less.

Depending upon your insurance coverage, part or all of the cost of your treatment may be covered. Invisalign is an accepted orthodontic treatment, although its convenience and system of using multiple aligners generally results in slightly higher costs than orthodontic braces. The Sacramento Dentistry Group does offer financing plans and orthodontic treatment is eligible for pre-tax medical cost reimbursement programs that save you considerable dollars on your taxes.

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