Invisalign for Adults

Many of the Sacramento Dentistry Group’s Invisalign patients are adults.


An Investment in Your Dental Health

A basic principle at the Sacramento Dentistry Group is that investing in your teeth now saves you from spending money and experiencing pain in the future.  Fixing crooked and misaligned teeth leads to improved oral health and self-confidence. Plus, excellent orthodontic health can now be accomplished without the braces you avoided as a teenager.

As an adult, however, you have greater responsibilities and constraints on your time. Through experience, you know that healthy teeth are more important than you realized as a youngster. Fortunately, the benefits for adults using Invisalign are even greater than the advantages to teens.

  • Time – Invisalign requires fewer office visits and is more “user-friendly” than typical orthodontics. That means less time-off from work and minimal impact on your life. The aligners are easy to care for and require less time for cleaning than braces.
  • Appearance – Invisalign saves you from a mouth stuffed with metal, wires and bulky attachments and is easily removed for important events.
  • Cost – You are the one paying for orthodontics now, not your parents. Our Sacramento dentists offer financing from our downtown dental office for all treatments. Depending on your dental insurance and the specific procedure, some uses of Invisalign may be covered partially or completely.

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