Invisalign for Teens

Alternatives to Braces for Kids and Teens

When your parents were teenagers they only had one choice for fixing crooked teeth: braces. That meant wires, brackets and some pain. Our Sacramento dentists want you to know that Invisalign Teen treatment is the orthodontics of the 21st century!

Teenagers appreciate the convenience and invisibility of Invisalign.

  1. First, unlike braces, Invisalign is removable! You can eat whatever you want, without restrictions. You can take pictures or go to important events without braces. Cleaning your teeth is easy, since Invisalign pops right out for brushing.
  2. Second, Invisalign aligners fit their name because they are nearly invisible. Many people will not even notice them! So the only thing that changes about your appearance is your teeth keep looking better and better.
  3. Third, Invisalign Teen makes it easy to track your progress by using a Blue Dot Wear Indicator. A bright dot that only you see when Invisalign Teen is removed tells how close you are to changing to a new aligner. So using Invisalign Teen is worry free.
  4. Finally, everyone makes mistakes, so what happens if you lose an aligner? With Invisalign Teen,  the Sacramento Dentistry Group can provide up to six free replacement aligners!

If you want a straighter, better smile, talk with your parents and dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group about the advantages of Invisalign Teen! For information from other teenagers who have used Invisalign Teen, visit the Invisalign website for testimonials.

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