Invisalign Express

Introducing Invisalign Express

If your orthodontic treatment is minor, you may qualify for Invisalign Express. This system offers treatment in only ten weeks with Invisalign 5 and in approximately six months for Invisalign 10. Both systems are named by the number of aligners provided, one every two weeks. For patients with simple orthodontic cases, Invisalign Express may be the right choice.

Why Invisalign Express is Economical

Unlike Invisalign Teen or standard Invisalign treatment, the Invisalign Express system does not offer complimentary refinements. During the course of treatment, it may become clear that certain teeth need more or less adjustment than originally planned. With standard Invisalign treatments and Invisalign Teen, these adjustments are included in the cost and you may receive up to three of these refinements. To keep the Express option economical, you can purchase a single refinement, if needed, but it is not included for free.

Try Invisalign with Propel

Another option, which you can use with Invisalign Express, Invisalign Teen or standard Invisalign treatment, is Invisalign with Propel. The Propel technique accelerates orthodontic procedures, cutting treatment times in half! To use Propel, one of our Sacramento dentists creates tiny perforations behind the gum and into your jawbone. The healing process stimulates rapid movement of the teeth during your orthodontic treatment. This procedure gives our clients greater options on the types of conditions we can treat over short periods of time.

See the Final Result in Advance

Via the Invisalign digital treatment system, using the iTero scanner, it is possible to determine what your teeth will look like after any Invisalign procedure. Therefore, in consultation with one of our Sacramento dentists, you will have an excellent idea of the likely final result from using Express 5 or Express 10. If the potential “final product” looks good, then the Express system may be right for you. If the results are not exactly what you want, then we recommend the standard Invisalign process for maximum treatment flexibility.

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