Invisalign Digital Impressions

The iTero Scanner Takes Digital Images of Your Teeth

The traditional system of creating your Invisalign treatment plan involves taking an impression of your teeth using the dental equivalent of stuff that seems to combine plaster and Play-Doh. While the process is simple, most patients do not enjoy biting down on a tray full of goop and then waiting for it to harden. Therefore, Align Technology and the Sacramento Dentistry Group have introduced the iTero digital dental scanner to simplify the Invisalign planning process.

The iTero scanner is a digital device that makes Invisalign treatment easier than ever.

This image shows one part of an iTero digital impression.

Open Wide and Take Pictures

The iTero scanner takes a series of pictures for each arch of your mouth, capturing the relationship between your teeth and gums. These scans are then used to develop a realistic 3-D image of your dentition. This digital representation of your mouth is then uploaded to Align Technology for the creation of your Invisalign treatment plan and your aligners. Sending the dental impression electronically saves considerable time over mailing them and ensures the impressions are not lost during shipping or handling.

Invisalign — Faster and Easier

So add the iTero scanner to the list of Invisalign advantages. Not only is the Invisalign process faster than ever before, it is also easier to start making the smile you have always wanted. Invisalign — it’s the clear choice with the Sacramento Dentistry Group!
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