Vivera Retainers

Locking in Your Invisalign Procedure

After your Invisalign treatment is finished, you need to wear a retainer to “cement” your progress. Depending on your personal circumstances, and how well you complied with the Invisalign protocol during your orthodontic procedure, our Sacramento dentist will prescribe a certain amount of time each week that you need to wear your Vivera retainer.

What is Vivera?

Vivera is the strongest retainer of its type available today. Like Invisalign aligners, its made of clear plastic, snaps easily into place on your teeth and is comfortable to wear. What’s more, since it’s a retainer there’s no “adjustment” period when you start to wear it. The Vivera retainer is based on your last Invisalign aligner, so your teeth are already “set” to its form. Invisalign provides four Vivera retainers, so you will have extras remaining after the first one wears out. Plus, any orthodontic patient can use Vivera, whether they used Invisalign or not.

How Long Will I Wear It?

You may wear Vivera anywhere from a few nights a week to every night to a little bit during the day. Every patient is different. What’s important is that you wear it regularly, as prescribed by your dentist. Failing to wear a retainer usually means your teeth will either slip back to a former position or move into some new, undesired configuration. As we monitor your post-procedural situation during your regular dental exams, we can discuss your retainer prescription and what’s required at various checkpoints.

The important thing to remember is that you enjoy your new smile, so hang onto it! Use your Vivera retainer properly and make that smile permanent!

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