Six Month Smiles

When You Want A Perfect Smile

Six Month Smiles Pricing


  • Cosmetic Braces System
  • Involves less time w/clear braces
  • Including all material & necessary visits

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Six Month Smiles is the quick cosmetic solution to crooked, twisted and gapped teeth. Using clear or tooth-colored braces, Six Month Smiles has the invisibility of aligners, but about a third of the cost. While Six Month Smiles cannot be temporarily removed, as is the case with Invisalign, it solves problems that aligners cannot and usually provides speedier results.

Even Faster with Propel

Using a new technique called Propel, our Sacramento dentists can tackle smile challenges in six months that used to take nine months or a year. Propel creates tiny perforations in your jawbone. These microholes are rapidly repaired by the body, and this process stimulates faster movement of the teeth along the jawline. With Propel, your “Six Month Smiles” procedure may actually become a “Three Month Smiles” treatment.

Orthodontics with a Specific Purpose

While Six Month Smiles uses time-tested orthodontic techniques, its focus is on short-term cosmetic results. Therefore, the purpose of your treatment is to achieve the perfect smile, not the perfect bite. Certainly, you will see orthodontic benefits from straighter teeth, but the primary focus is on the teeth that affect your appearance. This is why the Six Month Smile system is faster and less expensive when compared to full orthodontic treatments.

Learn more about the Six Month Smiles procedure here on our website or through a free consultation with the dental experts at one of our Sacramento Dentistry offices. Find out why improving your smile with Six Month Smiles betters your confidence and your lifestyle!

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