Six Month Smiles Procedure

Before you can be treated with Six Month Smiles, you must first visit one of our dentists in the comfortable offices of the Sacramento Dentistry Group. Here we determine if your specific smile problems fit the Six Month Smile profile, or if you would be better served by one of our many other orthodontic and cosmetic treatment options. (For example, Six Month Smiles is inappropriate for solving a large overbite or under-bite.)

You tell us your primary complaint: is it crowded or crooked teeth. Perhaps your teeth are spaced far apart? Six Month Smiles is a patient-driven process and provides the best results by addressing your primary concerns as quickly as possible.

If you are a good candidate for Six Month Smiles, we take photographs, X-rays and make impressions of your teeth. This information is then used to design your treatment plan with the Six Month Smiles Laboratory, here in the United States. Afterwards, when your personally designed braces arrive, they are installed on your teeth for your six-month procedure.

You will need to visit our Sacramento dental office for minor adjustments every four to five weeks, until the procedure is complete. Like all orthodontic processes, afterwards you will need to wear either a nighttime retaining system to preserve your oral improvements, or our dentists can fit a trouble-free permanent retainer to the back of your teeth.

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