Prevent Aging with Implants

Dental implants prevent the usual signs of aging.It is not uncommon for patients to lose a tooth, or even multiple teeth, for various reasons. Poor oral hygiene leading to dental disease or accidental injury are common causes of tooth loss. While a bridge or dentures are longstanding solutions for replacing teeth, and may even be the best option for some patients, the Sacramento Dentistry Group considers dental implants to be the ideal replacement procedure, in large part for reasons relating to bone loss and early aging.

Bones need stimulation to stay strong. That’s why studies show that physical exercise helps prevent problems like osteoporosis. Your teeth stimulate your jawbone during chewing. When a tooth is lost, the stimulation in that area of the jaw stops. As a result, the body reabsorbs the bone that held the tooth in place. This reduces the jawbone and significantly ages your facial features.

Preventing jawbone resorption after tooth loss requires stimulation of the bone tissue. Dental implants provide that stimulation by becoming a part of your jawbone and transmitting the forces of chewing to your jaw. So dental implants do more than simply replace a tooth — they also preserve your smile and prevent the onset of early aging.

It is now common to secure many types of dental prosthetics using implants. This not only helps bridges and dentures fit securely, it also guarantees that these appliances provide jawbone stimulation. In the case of a bridge installation, implants can also prevent the need to grind down healthy teeth to mount the bridge. Dentures can be fit permanently to implants or designed to be removable for hygienic purposes.

The Sacramento Dentistry Group installs dental implants to restore individual teeth or to secure bridges and dentures. When it’s possible to use them, we are convinced that dental implants are the best possible solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants — maintaining your health, your youth and your smile!

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