Types of Dental Implants

There are three primary types of dental implants, all of which are installed by the Sacramento Dentistry Group. While one kind is the most common, the others are equally useful for specific patients. Every method of installing dental implants leads to an improved smile, a better bite and a restoration that most closely mimics the teeth you had before.

The Standard Dental Implant

Types of Dental ImplantsThe most common form of dental implant is the endosteal or endosseus implant. So called because it is implanted “into the bone,” these are the implants shaped like a screw. Usually made out of titanium, they are very biocompatible. They come in a mini-implant version, which uses a much thinner screw, a better choice in certain circumstances. Bone grafting may be necessary to provide the implant with enough material for a firm connection to the jawbone.

The Implant On Top of Your Jawbone

For patients without sufficient bone, and who also are not candidates for bone grafting, our Sacramento dentists offer the subperiosteal implant. A mental framework is mounted to the jawbone underneath the gums. This platform then functions as the attachment site for a set of implant posts. This is an uncommon option, since most patients accept bone grafts quite readily.

This Implant Uses The Bottom of Your Jaw

A transosteal implant is used only on the lower jaw, or mandible. Its name means “through the bone.” A plate attaches to the bottom of the jaw and holes for posts are drilled through the jawbone to reach the mouth. From there, crowns are attached to the implant posts. Again, very few patients require this type of implant, as the procedure is much more involved in comparison to endosteal implants. For patients who require this technique, however, it is available in our downtown dental clinic.

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