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Dentures — New and Improved!

When patients think of dentures, visions of George Washington and wooden teeth are the first things that likely come to mind. Today’s dentures, however, are completely removed from the appliances of history. Even your grandparents’ “false teeth” cannot compare to the dentures created today by advanced dental laboratories.

A full or partial denture is essential when you are missing all or most of your teeth in one or both arches, or a large group of teeth in one arch. For smaller groups of missing teeth, we can create permanent or removable bridges. Removable bridges work much like partial dentures and provide the same benefits. For example, dentures restore more than just your ability to chew! They give you a classic smile, make you look younger than before and restore your ability to speak normally. Plus, they bring back the confidence that often goes missing along with your teeth!

After your first consultation, your Sacramento dentist will determine if you need a full or partial denture or simply a bridge. Meticulous measurements and a mold are taken of your mouth, gums and jaw. Then you will decide the color you prefer for your new teeth and whether you want conventional or immediate dentures. You can also opt to use dental implants to secure your denture in place. This method is now the gold standard for dentistry and is available for patients that fit certain medical guidelines.

3M Denture Attachment System

Conventional or Immediate Dentures?

After any diseased teeth have been removed, the gums require a period of healing. Over four to eight weeks, it is normal for the gums to shrink due to the loss of teeth. During this time, you may receive immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are designed before the removal of your teeth and are ready immediately after their extraction. Because of the natural shrinkage of the gums, however, immediate dentures must be rebuilt to fit the new shape of your mouth.

With conventional dentures, you are not given dentures right away. Instead, your gums are allowed to heal first. Then, additional measurements determine the shape of your dentures. While this does mean going without teeth for a period, when conventional dentures are placed, they usually require only minor future adjustments, if any.

Practice and Care for Dentures

Learning to use your new dentures will take a matter of a few weeks. Over time, your cheek muscles and tongue adapt to your new appliance and help you become expert in their use. With practice, patients are eating the same foods, enjoying their full range of voice and appreciating the return of their good looks. Minor adjustments by your dentist during this initial period ensure your dentures’ usefulness.

Dentures need care just like real teeth. Every day they should be removed and brushed with a soft toothbrush. Likewise, to maintain your oral health, your gums should be brushed and cleaned daily, as well as your tongue and palate.

Millions have been served by the benefits of dentures. The history and science of dentistry has developed these tools into one of the most helpful and esthetic appliances devised by dental science. Let our dentists demonstrate the benefits of a complete or partial denture for your health and smile at the comfortable offices of the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

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