Implant Dentures

The Benefits of Implant Dentures

Dental implants have completely improved life with dentures. By seating your dentures with implants, instead of simply resting them on the gums, you gain a number of significant advantages:

  1. Implant dentures help keep your jawbones healthy.
  2. Implant dentures make it easier to eat and speak.
  3. Implant dentures usually require fewer future overhauls.

If at all possible, our Sacramento dentists prefer to use implant dentures over regular dentures due to these three benefits. The Sacramento Dentistry Group also finds that patients simply prefer dentures that “snap in” or “snap on” with permanent implants.

Keep Your Jawbones Healthy

While ordinary dentures do little to preserve the underlying bone, implant dentures help retain the bone wherever you have an implant. By stimulating the bone with the daily forces from chewing, implant-based dentures do much more to maintain your jaw structure. This preserves your appearance and avoids the “sunken” look that happens when an unstimulated jaw starts to lose bone mass.

Continue to Eat and Speak Normally

While any denture has a little movement and flex, an implant denture sits much more firmly on the jaw. They don’t “pop out” or surprise their wearer by suddenly dislodging. It should take a very deliberate action to remove an implant denture. Thus, you can eat foods that many denture wearers avoid and speak or sing normally.

A Permanent Foundation

Dental implants are designed to last a very, very long time. Therefore, your denture has a solid foundation for ongoing use. Ordinary dentures need to be relined to meet changes in your jawline over time. With dental implants, your regular maintenance visits to the dentist should be enough to maintain a tight fit for your dentures.

The Implant Dentures Process

A lower jaw denture requires at least two implants. An upper jaw denture requires a minimum of four. Keep in mind, that just as a four-legged stool is more stable than one with three legs, more implants mean more stability for your denture and better bone retention in your jaw. Our dentists can provide you with an estimate for the cost of implant dentures, based on how many implants are provided.

Installing your implants and creating your dentures is a multi-step process, as the implants need to set firmly in your bone before they can safely support a denture. Naturally, we provide you with temporary teeth while your jaw and implants fuse together. The number of visits from start to finish varies from patient to patient and is mapped out with you by your dentist.

In the end, our patients have been very satisfied with implant-based dentures. For more information and a free consultation on how you too can firmly fasten your dentures with implants, call us at 916-538-6900, visit our office at 1105 E Street in downtown Sacramento or contact us through our website.

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