Sacramento Dental Fillings

Another great experience with Sacramento Dentistry Group! I needed a couple fillings but I’ve got a thing with needles. Dr. Castro was superb with me and I hardly felt a thing! Now I just have to wait for the numbness to wear off! ;-)” — Michele, a satisfied patient

Fillings are necessary when decay has destroyed some of the protective enamel surrounding a tooth, creating the dreaded dental “cavity.” Leaving decay untouched is never recommended as it will worsen, leading to either root canal therapy or extraction. New techniques in pain management and cavity preparation make this a quick and relatively simple dental process.

Composite fillings are appropriate in most circumstances and have the benefit of matching the color of your teeth. Where composites cannot be used, which is seldom, repairing your tooth is easier than ever with the traditional and economical amalgam filling. Finally, ionomer fillings are a nearly invisible option that can be applied to repair non-chewing surfaces. Your Sacramento dentists can offer all of these filling options.

Composite Restorations

Composite fillings are made of a glass or quartz material combined with a tooth-colored resin. The composite material bonds to your tooth. This benefit means a cavity requires less tooth preparation (drilling) for a composite filling. Where possible, Sacramento Dentistry uses composite fillings.

Ionomer Restorations

Ionomer fillings are translucent and tooth-colored, created by mixing acrylics with glass powders. For patients with considerable problems with decay, ionomers are available that release protective fluoride over time.  Esthetically speaking, ionomers are less esthetic than composite.

Amalgam Restorations

Dental amalgam is an alloy combining silver, tin, copper, mercury and other metals. It is a familiar material used in dentistry for many decades. Whenever possible, this material is no longer used, due to its mercury content and long-term dental health issues. The image on this page demonstrates the advantages of replacing aged amalgam fillings with composite fillings.

Before and After

Dental Fillings

Mercury alloy fillings with recurrent decay. Notice, the margins along the mercury alloys are delaminating from the tooth and the tooth is darkening.
Composite resin strongly restores the teeth safely without the use of heavy metals.

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