Sacramento Endodontics

EndodonticsEndodontics is the field of dentistry dealing with structures and tissues contained inside the tooth. The most used endodontic procedure is root canal therapy. When bacterial infection progresses into the tooth pulp, root canal therapy minimizes the discomfort and does much more. The true mission of this treatment is to halt the infection, protect the tooth from subsequent infections, and extend the life of the tooth for years to come. If you want root canal treatment, or have suffered a cracked tooth, endodontic procedures are required from the dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

Although root canal treatment is the most used endodontic procedure, endodontics also handles a broad range of dental trauma, including microsurgery, the diagnosis of intermittent toothache, and diagnosing the source of pain that is not restricted to one tooth. These side effects usually take some form of endodontic procedure to treat.

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