After Root Canal

Home Care After Your Root Canal

After your root canal is over and before your permanent restoration is complete, it is important that your tooth remains healthy. Please remember the following:

  1. Mild to moderate pain and discomfort is relieved by taking 600mg of Motrin® or Advil® every 4-6 hours. Do not take more than 3200mg in a 24 hour period!
  2. Reduce your activity levels for the first 24 hours to keep your blood pressure from rising. Physical activities increase your blood pressure and will create pain in the root canal area.
  3. While laying down or sleeping, elevate your head on two pillows to reduce pressure on your tooth. Raising your head while prone reduces post-treatment pain.
  4. Avoid chewing food with the side of your mouth that had the root canal for 4-5 days following treatment. Do not chew with your treated tooth (especially hard or sticky foods) until your crown is installed and complete. If your temporary cap comes loose, immediately replace it on the tooth and call or stop by our downtown Sacramento office (916-538-6900, 1105 E Street).

If swelling or severe pain develops, please contact our Sacramento dental office as soon as possible. For after hours or on a holiday, follow the instructions on our phone message for emergency situations. Your comfort and safety are important to us, so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.
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