Dental Cleaning

The cleaning was completely painless.” — Suni, an ecstatic Sacramento Dentistry Group patient

Dental hygienists are a critical part of our Sacramento Dentistry Group team.

Our Sacramento dental hygienists take great care to make your dental cleaning a safe and comfortable procedure.

Officially called dental prophylaxis, we believe that our hygienists provide you with the finest dental cleaning in Sacramento dentistry.

During your dental cleaning, we remove any accumulated tartar or calculus, the hardened deposits of plaque caused by oral bacteria. This material, along with plaque itself, is one of the primary causes of gum disease. Removing both substances, regularly and professionally, is essential to your dental health.

Polishing your teeth is the final step in your cleaning. Not merely a cosmetic procedure, polishing removes stains or plaque missed during the cleaning. It leaves your teeth feeling fresh and your mouth remarkably clean!

As a Sacramento family dentist, we effectively perform this service for all members of the family, no matter what their age. If you have problems with anxiety in a dental office, Sacramento Dentistry also offers sleep dentistry to guarantee that you visit us regularly so you can avoid the larger problems that come from dental procrastination.

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