Snoring and Dentistry

Can a Dentist Really Help You Stop Snoring?

To answer the question of whether our Sacramento dentists can really help you with your snoring problem, let’s talk about the causes of snoring and how dentistry is related to the solution. Don’t worry! No drilling is involved!

What Causes Snoring?

All sounds are made by the movement of air, especially when it causes other objects to vibrate. That’s how most musical instruments work. In the case of snoring, air moves through your nose and mouth and travels down towards the lungs. Along the way, it passes all sorts of soft tissues: the tongue, the tonsils, the uvula (that dangling thing at the back of your throat), the epiglottis (it keeps food and liquid out of your lungs), the windpipe and the vocal chords. Any or all of these can contribute to snoring sounds, depending on your individual anatomy. Other disorders, such as a deviated septum (sometimes caused by a broken nose), can also lead to horrible sleep sounds. Basically, if any of these body parts are particularly larger than normal, more relaxed than usual (and relaxation goes together with sleep) or somewhat distorted, vibrations of the soft tissues can cause the noises we call snoring.

How Can Dentistry Help?

If the airway is relatively open and clear, snoring seldom occurs. When the airway becomes restricted and the suction from the lungs forcefully pulls the air through, vibrations result. So the sleep specialists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group perform an examination of your soft tissues to determine if any of these are the likely culprit behind your snoring. If so, modern dentistry has created a vast number of comfortable oral appliances that either keep the soft tissues from clogging the airway or permanently widen the airway through procedures that are similar to orthodontics.

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

A Word of Caution About Snoring

Snoring is often an indicator of a more serious problem — sleep apnea. While not all snorers suffer from this complication, many do. If other serious symptoms accompany your snoring sessions, our specialists may recommend home sleep testing to confirm or rule out suspicions of sleep apnea. This is an important step, because people with sleep apnea have a much higher risk of developing various cardiovascular disorders. The good news is that the solutions for sleep apnea and snoring are very similar and can be effectively delivered with oral appliances.

For more information about the dental fix for snoring, contact the Sacramento Dentistry Group via our website, call us at 916-538-6900, or visit our modern office at 1105 E Street, conveniently located in downtown Sacramento. Stop snoring and help everyone get some sleep with dental technology!
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