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Hole in my Mouthguard

There’s a Hole in the Mouthguard

There are many good projects for do-it-yourselfers: changing your motor oil, painting your house, and making a shelf all come to mind. What about fixing holes in your mouthguard or nightguard? Sorry to say, those are not fixit projects. If you have a nightguard or...

Amalgam fillings are no longer recommended by our Sacramento dentists.

Talk About Fillings

Once you get a cavity filled, does it last the rest of your life? Our Sacramento dental restoration professionals wish that was the case. Unfortunately, on average, dental fillings last about ten years. The simple facts are, just because you have a filling or other...

The Sacramento Dentistry Group discusses the observed benefits of cleaning your tongue regularly.

Filling in the Gaps

What are Diastemas? Diastema is the dental term for gaps between the teeth. It's a normal dental feature in many mammals, humans included. Gaps between teeth were thought to be very attractive in medieval times, since women with gapped teeth were believed to be more passionate....