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Dark Chocolate

Does Dark Chocolate Prevent Cavities?

People love to hear good news about their “guilty pleasures.” Eating or drinking dark chocolate is one of these. Without question, dark chocolate is connected with many beneficial effects, especially on the circulatory system. Within the last decade, the prevention of cavities has also been...

Air Pollution

Air Pollution Linked to Oral Cancer

A recent study of Taiwanese men found that the risk of oral cancer is higher if the person is exposed to high levels of air pollution. Published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine, the results are one more reminder of why regular visits for oral...

E-Cigarettes and Cavities

Do E-Cigarettes Cause Cavities?

Since e-cigarettes are still a relatively new product, especially compared to the traditional cigarette, research is ongoing to determine the actual effects they have on the human body, especially the mouth and teeth. Results are starting to be published, however, as studies are completed. Recently,...