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Overseas Medical Treatment

Terrible Risks of Overseas Medical Treatment

The Washington Post recently reported on the increase in antibiotic resistant disease in people returning from foreign surgical procedures. Included in this report was a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), advising patients to avoid getting surgical procedures performed in Mexico....

Traveling outside the country for cheaper dental care is often anything but that.

The High Costs of Travel Dentistry

The caring and understanding staff at the Sacramento Dentistry Group never discourages anyone from getting required dental care, even if it’s not performed in our Downtown Sacramento location. Your teeth are important, your gums are important, your dental health is important, and we want you...

Vacation time is not a break from good oral hygiene, on the recommendation of our Sacramento dentists.

Do Not Let Your Teeth Take a Vacation

Brushing and flossing is 24/7, 365 Getting away. Going on holiday. A working vacation. Winter break! These phrases may conjure up images of a tropical island get-away, a few nights at a luxury hotel, skiing snowy mountains, or the travel reality of cramming into a tiny...