Submit our trivia form below before December 24, 2018 to be entered in a drawing for a Christmas gift basket with teeth whitening trays and gel, tooth brush, mouth wash, $25 gift card target, MI Paste for sensitivity and more!

1) True or False: The best way to store a toothbrush is under a cap.

2) Gum disease has been shown to be associated with:

A) Heart Disease; B) Diabetes; C) Pregnancy; D) All of the Above

3) What is the most common cause of dry mouth?
A) Medications; B) Advancing Age; C) Tobacco; D) Head and Neck Radiation

4) True or False: Hard toothbrush bristles can be more effective than soft because tooth plaque is a hard substance.

5) Our first set of teeth are called:
A) Baby Teeth; B) Primary Teeth; C) Milk Teeth; D) All of the Above

6) Mouthwash should be used;
A) Before Brushing; B) After Brushing; C) Both; D) Neither

7) How many teeth exist (including wisdom teeth) in the normal adult mouth?
A) 18; B) 30; C) 32; D) 34

8) What fraction of the normal tooth is below the gumline?
A) 1/4; B) 2/3; C) 1/2; D) 3/4

9) True or False: TMJ is another word for jaw joint pain?

10) How often should a toothbrush be changed?
A) Once per month; B) At the close of every illness; C) Once every two or three months; D) Once per year if capped every day