Teeth Can Last a Lifetime!

With proper care, teeth can last a lifetime.

Many patients ask if it is really possible to keep their original set of teeth for a lifetime. It is true that the average American has lost at least a few teeth before the age of seventy, and the Sacramento Dentistry Group certainly installs a lot of dental implants and creates a number of dentures every month. Nevertheless, it is absolutely possible to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

This was illustrated recently by the long life of a colleague’s mother. Although 93 years of age, she successfully cared for her teeth up until the very end. Not a single tooth was lost due to decay, bone loss or gum recession.

There really is no secret to such a lifetime of dental success. If you scrupulously brush your teeth at least twice every day, and floss before going to bed, you have an excellent chance of keeping your teeth for life. If you use a fluoride toothpaste and visit your dentist at least every six months, your likelihood of preserving every tooth increases even further.

With age, you will face some gum recession. But if it’s not compounded by bad dental habits, it does not have to threaten the integrity of your teeth and their roots. Some tooth sensitivity may be present, but specialized toothpastes can minimize this problem.

So plan on having your teeth for life! Follow the recommended pattern of daily oral hygiene. Visit our Sacramento dentists and hygienists regularly. Maintain and enjoy all of your original teeth — tools for a lifetime!

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