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Comfortable, invisible and practical are all advantages of the Invisalign orthodontics system, offered by the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

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Sleep Dentistry

Experience the satisfaction that comes from conscious or oral sedation. Oral sedation is non-invasive and less debilitating than other forms of deep sedation.

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Dental Implants

The smile you want, when you want it, is possible with the benefits of cosmetic dentistry in Sacramento.  Get started on restoring your smile today!

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Your Sacramento Invisalign Dentist

The Invisalign system used by our Sacramento dentists is capable of treating most of the common orthodontic problems. Invisalign has a number of advantages over braces. We would be happy to discuss the treatment process and the types of oral conditions consistently repaired by Invisalign.

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The Sacramento Dentistry Group wants to be your Sacramento dental office! Providing Sacramento dentistry in a convenient downtown location, our dentists offer comprehensive dental service – an essential consideration when choosing your family dentist! From standard preventive care to implant dentistry, TMJ treatment and cosmetic procedures, the Sacramento Dentistry Group will meet your dental needs with the utmost concern for your comfort, health and welfare. We even offer free second opinions including radiographs and images so you can move forward with confidence on any recommended dental work. Our website introduces you to our staff, helps you schedule an appointment and provides essential information regarding our dental treatments and procedures. Modern, comprehensive and considerate – that’s the Sacramento Dentistry Group!

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