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Emergency Dental Services

Emergency dentistry is needed when one of the following situations arises:

  • A tooth is broken or dislodged by trauma, accident or chewing
  • A debilitating tooth ache occurs
  • A dental restoration breaks loose.

All of the above can lead to tooth loss and emergency room visits for pain. Any emergency doctor will tell you, however, that the solution for dental problems is a dentist! If you are experiencing an emergency dental situation near downtown Sacramento, the Sacramento Dentistry Group is ready to assist you.

Come Right Away!

Come to our office at 1105 E Street in downtown Sacramento immediately if you are experiencing any of the above problems. Call ahead at 916-538-6900 so we can prepare for your arrival. We will put you first in line to see one of our Sacramento dentists.

Dealing With Tooth Ache

The dentists of the Sacramento Dentistry Group know that dental pain is no joke! A painful tooth can be caused by many different issues. If a visual scan or intraoral photography does not reveal the immediate problem, x-rays will likely be necessary to look for causes. The source of tooth pain may include:

  • Severe tooth decay, reaching down to the root
  • Bacterial infection, leading to abscess
  • Oral cysts or tumors.

Our examination will reveal the cause and we will proceed to the remedy. Tooth pain can be a sign of serious illness and can progress to dangerous problems, if not handled immediately. To quote our Sacramento dentists:

The top three pains for their excruciation in medicine are: child birth, kidney stones, and dental infection. Tooth aches, dental infections, gum infections, and jaw infections are very serious. These conditions can lead to death if not treated immediately as the body can become septic, the infection can spread up into the sinus and then the meninges of the brain, or the infection can spread downward into the throat and neck of the person, constricting their airway and compromising breathing. People died of dental infections quite commonly before the twentieth century.”

Do not let any of these disasters jeopardize your life or that of your family and friends. Toothache does not go away by itself or with painkillers. Only fixing the source of the pain can end your problem.

Broken and Dislodged Teeth or Restorations

“The longer the tooth is out, the less chance of having a successful implantation.” — Dr. Kimberly Harms, ADA spokesperson

If your tooth, crown, bridge, implant or other restoration has broken or become dislodged, collect the parts, if possible, and come to our E Street office immediately. Before you arrive, take the following steps:

  1. Clean the tooth or restoration gently using whatever means are available, preferably water, saliva or the classic milk.
  2. Reinsert the tooth or part where it belongs. If that is not possible, keep it between your cheek and gum.
  3. Bite down on a wet rag or tea bag to keep the tooth in place.
  4. Apply a cold compress to your cheek to keep swelling down.
  5. Alert our office at 916-538-6900 and immediately come to the dentist.

Saving your tooth and your sanity is possible with emergency dental service at our downtown Sacramento office. We are ready to solve your problem and send you back to your normal life. Curing your pain and restoring your bite are the primary goals of emergency dental service from the Sacramento Dentistry Group.


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