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How We Develop Your Treatment Plan

Many patients worry about dental care costs and do not want a surprisingly expensive bill after the work is complete. At the Sacramento Dentistry Group we understand this fear and do our best to help you understand the treatment you need, why you need it, what your options are for treatment and how much each of these options would cost. Since navigating the insurance world and determining benefits can be difficult, we have staff members dedicated to creating cost estimates based on your coverage. You can then make an informed decision regarding how you would like to proceed within your budget and circumstances. If you have no dental insurance, we can work with you if you require financing and make recommendations for dental insurance providers.

Some advantages to how the Sacramento Dentistry Group handles your case include:

  • Acceptance of all insurance plans.
  • Acceptance of all major payment methods.
  • Special treatment program for veterans.
  • Provision of in-house, zero percent financing through CareCredit.
  • All treatment options are explained and made available before treatment begins.

So please do not let fears of costs prevent you from obtaining the dental care you want and need for yourself and your family. Investing in your teeth is like making a down payment on better health, both now and into the future!


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