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The newest office of the Sacramento Dentistry Group at 1105 E Street in downtown Sacramento reflects our dentists desire to provide you and their staff with a positive environment to care for your dental needs. Created from a completely empty building, the partners at Sacramento Dentistry now have a warm, natural-toned office with colorful artwork, comfortable spaces, beautiful lighting and the latest in dental technology. Our staff believes it’s possible to look forward to going to the dentist and this office is just one part of convincing you to feel the same way.

“We wanted our dental office to not feel like a dental office,” says our dentists. “Corporate dental offices are all alike with plain white walls and the same pictures of teeth in every one. We didn’t want the typical dental office with fluorescent lights flickering eight hours every day. We like nature and greenery and our new office reflects that. It’s a place where we like to go to work.”




Another dentist on staff agrees with our dentists assessment that esthetic and technological control over your office space is a primary reason for designing a facility from start to finish. “Basically, there are three ways to have a dental office. You can buy one and slowly change it to fit your needs, which we didn’t want to do. You can buy a shell and design it from the ground up, or buy an office that’s already good, like our Marconi office. For downtown Sacramento we saw a large, empty building at four thousand square feet, but we knew we could fill it. So after six months of research and design and four months of construction, we have just the office we wanted.”

“The stations and the building feel open, with room to breathe,” says a team member, “and that means our patients, and our staff, avoid a sense of claustrophobia while we care for their dental needs.” Seven dental stations are available, with two dedicated to dental cleaning procedures. These are complemented by four orthodontic and pediatric stations in a separate section of the office and two private dental surgery suites where the doctors can provide oral or intravenous sedation. Each room features artwork commissioned specifically for the building to match the natural décor.

New technology is also a highlight for the downtown dental facility. Right away you notice the absence of X-ray machines at the dental stations. In their place, Sacramento Dentistry uses the safer NOMAD hand-held X-ray system, made in the United States by Aribex. This device significantly reduces radiation risk and dosage and features the highest safety standards due to its domestic production. As stated by Dr. Joel Gray, a specialist in dental imaging from the Mayo Clinic: “This hand-held system uses a proprietary shielding material around the X-ray tube, resulting in leakage radiation levels that are virtually immeasurable. In addition, it has an integral leaded-acrylic shield that protects the user from radiation scattered from the patient.The results of our study indicated that the users of the hand-held X-ray system received lower radiation doses than they did when they were using conventional wall-mounted systems.”

The new office also features the latest equipment in 3D digital imaging. Many patients are familiar with panoramic oral x-rays, but the 700 Series imager from Gendex provides three-dimensional photographs for better diagnostics and dental care. Our dentists consider devices like this to be amongst the most important developments in private dentistry and after you have seen the images it delivers, we believe you will agree!

For a tour or an appointment at the downtown office of the Sacramento Dentistry Group, please contact us through our website or at 916-538-6900. After your visit we believe you will agree that the doctors’ decision to start “from the ground up” was a good one!


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