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New Patients

Your First Dental Appointment

Your initial dental appointment will be one of two exams; a limited problem focused exam or a comprehensive exam.

Limited problem focused exams are specifically for clients with an acute need. Examples include: a broken tooth, pain, swelling, trauma, and tooth ache. During this appointment we focus on identifying what the problem is and what the options are for a solution. Because your health and time are important, our goal is to provide same day treatment for your condition.

Comprehensive exams are for clients with no acute needs who are establishing themselves as a patient of record for routine dental care. During this visit, we take radiographs and photographs of all your teeth. We check every surface of every tooth from the base of the root to the tip of the crown. We check the status of your gums around your teeth, we check your jaw alignment, we do an oral cancer screening, we check your bite and the way your teeth work together.


This initial exam is thorough in order to provide the best dental care. After developing an understanding of your health and status, we discuss your treatment options. We also determine what kind of dental cleaning is right for you and discuss your treatment with the dental hygienist. Your dental cleaning or periodontal therapy may be scheduled on a different day, if you would like, or it can follow your exam.

Many are concerned about the cost of dental work. In order to avoid surprise dental bills, we show you what your treatment options are, what your dental benefits are if you have a dental plan, and the financial investment for such options. Finally, you get to choose what is best for you.


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