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Evelyn Barajas

Evelyn Barajas

Patient Care Coordinator

Educational Background and Early Involvement

Evelyn Barajas serves as the Patient Care Coordinator at Sacramento Dentistry Group, bringing a heartfelt dedication to patient satisfaction and care. A graduate of Grant Union High School in 2020, Evelyn has been an integral part of the front staff team since 2019, demonstrating a strong commitment to the practice and its patients even before completing her education.

Patient-Centric Approach and Specialized Services

In her role, Evelyn excels in providing specialized services with a patient-centric approach. She is known for her exceptional ability to listen to and understand patients’ needs, ensuring thorough follow-up and maintaining a consistently positive attitude. This approach has made her a beloved figure among patients and staff alike, enhancing the overall experience at the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

Professional Development and Community Involvement

Evelyn is also committed to professional development and actively participates in community involvement initiatives, further strengthening her bond with the practice and the community it serves.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Outside of her professional life, Evelyn enjoys spending quality time with her friends and her cat. Her hobbies reflect her sociable and caring nature, which translates into her professional role, where she continually strives to create a welcoming and understanding environment for all patients.

Evelyn’s dedication to her role as Patient Care Coordinator and her positive impact on the Sacramento Dentistry Group showcases her invaluable contribution to the practice’s success and patient satisfaction.


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