After a filling or a new crown is installed you may expect your bite to feel different and your tooth or teeth may be sensitive for a short period of time, generally a week or two.

The sensitivity is usually to cold temperatures and can be improved by using a non-whitening sensitive based toothpaste. Whitening agents in teeth such as silica (a sand like abrasive) and peroxide (an oxidizing agent) strip stains off teeth leaving the pores in your teeth exposed and sensitive.

If your bite feels different this may be because the tooth was restored to its original size and shape, perhaps larger than used to, causing the tooth to feel higher than normal. Within 14 days the bite should feel normal. If more than 14 days passes and the bite still feels high or the tooth or teeth are still sensitive, please return to the office for evaluation.

Your next visit is either your hygiene appointment or continuation of your dental treatment.